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S5.E1 ∙ Ruby's Perfect Christmas Tree/Max's Christmas Present/Max and Ruby's Christmas CarolS5.E2 ∙ Max Says Hello/Ruby's Spa Day/Ruby's Tai ChiS5.E3 ∙ Ruby Gets the Picture/Ruby's Birdie/Max Plays CatchS5.E4 ∙ Ruby's Bedtime Story/Ruby's Amazing Maze/Max's NightlightS5.E5 ∙ Max's Sandwich/Ice Cream Cone/Ruby's Art StandS5.E6 ∙ Picture Perfect/Detective Ruby/Superbunny Saves the CakeS5.E7 ∙ The Bunny Who Cried Lobster/Max and the Three Bears/Little Ruby HenS5.E8 ∙ Ruby's Bird Walk/Max Goes Fishing/Ruby Tries AgainS5.E10 ∙ Ruby's Earth Day Party/Ruby's Earth Day Checklist/Max's Ducky DayS5.E11 ∙ Grandma's Birthday/Max's Hand Print/Grandma's Surprise DanceS5.E12 ∙ Engineer Max/Max's Toy Train/Max's Train RideS5.E13 ∙ Max's Kite/Max's Beach Ball/Ruby's LimboS5.E14 ∙ Ruby's Diorama/Ruby's Croquet Match/Ruby's Huff and PuffS5.E15 ∙ Max's Pinata/Ruby's Movie Night/Doctor RubyS5.E16 ∙ Ruby's Tower/Ruby's Juice Bar/Max's Tree FortS5.E17 ∙ Max and the Magnet/Ruby's Parrot Project/Max's SpaghettiS5.E18 ∙ Ruby's Autograph/A Toy for Baby Huffington/Max's Big DigS5.E19 ∙ Max and Ruby's Train Trip/Go to Sleep Max/Conductor MaxS5.E20 ∙ Max's Red Rubber Elephant Mystery/Ruby's Toy Drive/Max and Ruby's Big FinishS5.E21 ∙ Ruby's Memory Quilt/Lights, Camera, Ruby!/Ruby's Ping-Pong RecordS5.E22 ∙ Ruby & the Beast/Max & Ruby's Halloween House/Max's Trick or TreatS5.E23 ∙ Max and Ruby Give Thanks/Max Leaves/Ruby's Fall PageantS5.E24 ∙ Ruby's Big Case/Ruby's Rhyme Time/Max's Library CardS5.E25 ∙ Max & Ruby's Groundhog Day/Ruby's First Robin of Spring/Grandma's GeraniumsS5.E26 ∙ Space Bunny/Max's Sprinkler/Max's Pogo Stick
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Max & Ruby (2002)

The adventures of two little bunnies, three-year-old Max and seven-year-old Ruby, as they try to get along in day-to-day life.